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HUFFMAN INSPECTION SERVICES (H.I.S.) provides Quality Assurance services for all commercial roofing installations.
H.I.S. carries workers compensation and liability insurance and also is bonded for your protection. 

There are so many different ypes of roofing materials and roofing systems installed today. Many roofing systems are being installed with "Green" technology, meaning friendly to the environment, using recycled materials and minimizing the roofs impact regarding urban heat producing surfaces. Other roof systems are installed upside down and covered with a walking surface such as pavers or concrete. These systems are known as an inverted roof membrane assembly or "IRMA" roof system. Other roofs are covered with plants and vegetation and recycle water from nature which is also "Green" friendly. 
Then there are the typical types of roof systems like hot aphalt with gravel or capsheet, which are the smelly ones you notice when driving down the street and other roof membranes which are white plasticized flexible sheets which meet "Cool Roof" qualifications for relflecting UV rays.
Owners and Architects have many choices of materials and systems to  choose from and usually make their decisions based on cost, performance and suitability for type of structure/roof to be covered. Other considerations might be related to LEED certification qualification,requirements/points, historical renovation related installations, etc.. 

HUFFMAN INSPECTION SERVICES has experience inspecting all types of roofing systems and has a great understanding of "Working as a Team" with the Contractors, Architect, Engineer and building owner to assist in getting the project completed on-time and with the highest quality installation expected. 

HUFFMAN INSPECTION SERVICES is familiar with and has over twenty years experience inspecting the following types of roof systems:

  • Modified Roofing.
  • Single Ply fully-adhered or mechanically attached with tapered insulation.
  • APP or SBS modified sheet torch applied or with modified asphalt.
  • Cold process reinforced roofing.     
  • Hot asphalt.
  • Tile - All types.
  • Wood - All types.                                                                                                 
  • Simulated shakes.
  • Metal - All types.
  • Asphalt shingles.
  • Inverted roof membrane assemblies.

QUALITY ASSURANCE (QA) services are critical for the success and long term perfomance of all roofing installations. The roof covers and provides protection for critical interior building components and assets and is the most important barrier against water penetration into the building interior. The average serviceable lifetime of a 4-ply built-up roof is 20 years with annual maintainence provided. The majority of construction related claims are related to roofing and building envelope defects along with the detrimental effects of the related water intrusion damages.

You can rely on HUFFMAN INSPECTION SERVICES to provide the proper documentation during QA observations necessary to mitigate water intrusion, assure the system has been installed as required by the construction documents and minimize the possiblility of future litigation related to failures of the roofing to provide a
"Moisture Free Enviornments®".

Please contact H.I.S. for all of your roofing and waterproofing QA requirements