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HUFFMAN INSPECTION SERVICES (H.I.S.) is a company developed due to the high demand for roof inspections, certifications and 3rd party quality assurance inspections required by manufacturer's to provide warranty coverages. This business is the end result of decades of experience in the specialized roofing and waterproofing industry.

Huffman Inspection Services has over 15 years of solid working experience with one of the most highly recognized and well respected Architectural/Engineering firms here in California. This particular firm specialized in Roofing,Waterproofing and exterior wall cladding installations and design. Through those years H.I.S. has been involved in performing quality assurance monitoring and inspections for roofing, waterproofing, EIFS and cement plaster. Extensive experience working on and in complex commercial and industrial projects ranging from public schools and Universities to high rise luxury casinos in Las Vegas and Louisiana, airports, multi-family and other types of high end structures and properties.

Huffman Inspection Services has been involved in leak investigation and forensic investigation related to water intrusion damage on large commercial private and public projects as well as multi-million dollar custom homes. The knowledge gained from those investigations provided H.I.S with an in depth knowledge of why and how certain building components fail to provide a "Moisture Free Environment®".

When Huffman Inspection Services was installing roofs and deck coatings in the 1980's, H.I.S. had a difficult  time keeping employees due to our constant enforcement of the high standards we employ for all roofing and waterproofing installations.
Strict technical, ethical and installation standards still provide us with motivation to provide and assure our clients the best installation possible according to the manufacturers requirements as well as conforming to the construction documents, which include the detail drawings and specifications. 

Huffman Inspection Services has been built on honesty, reliability, quality work, trust, respect, and ethical standards.
"We stand by our customers and clients in the beginning of the project, the middle, the end and after the project has been completed. Your calls will never go un-answered!" Call Today!

H.I.S. Holds the following registrations and certifications:

RRO Certification* RRO - Registered Roof Observer with Roofing Consultants Institute (RCI)

* RCI  - Registered Inspector  with American Construction Inspectors Association (ACIA)

* CEI  - Certified EIFS Inspector with Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI)

Roofing Contractors License* C-39 - State of California, State License Contractors Board licensed C-39 Roofing


* CRI - Certified Roofing Inspector with National Roofing Certification Association (NRCIA) contractor (CSLB)

"There are so many companies in today's marketplace for you to choose from, so our pledge to you that Huffman Inspection Services will provide you with everything you expect and more." Your concerns will become ours and your calls will never go un-answered.  

We strive to provide each and every customer and client with "MOISTURE FREE ENVIRONMENTS®"and a stress-free completion of your project.

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