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           Roofing and Waterproofing Services

HUFFMAN Roofing and Waterproofing INSPECTION SERVICES provides the following services for residential properties:

*Roofing, all types.
*Roof repairs, all types.
*Roof inspections/condition report/survey for owners, buyers, insurance adjusters, banks, etc.
*Roof certifications for owners, buyers, banks, loan agencies, etc..
*Leak investigation.

2014 Best of Homeadvisor

H.I.S. provides the following services for commercial property clients:

*Quality Assurance monitoring for Roofing, Waterproofing, EIFS and Cement Plaster applications.
*Roof repairs all types from low-slope to steep-slope.
*Roof inspections/surveys/condition reporting.
*Roof certifications.
*Leak investigation.

                           3rd Party QA/QC services

Huffman Inspection Services (H.I.S.) specializes in performing 3rd party Quality Assurance for roofing, waterproofing, cement plaster and exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) installations.  Typically these services are provided for commercial projects, although on occassion, select residential projects may require these services.

Homebuyers, Homesellers, Property Management Professionals, Real Estate professionals, Insurance Brokers, Adjusters, Appraisers, Contractors, Engineers,Testing Companies / Agencies, Architects, Public and Private Agencies, Banks, Colleges and Universities as well as any other entities  which require Roofing and/or Waterproofing inspection  services during construction or re-construction are encouraged to contact H.I.S..

H.I.S. clients who use our Quality Assurance services will get peace of mind knowing Huffman Inspection Services was on-site creating full daily documentation during the installation of the roofing or waterproofing system.
The observation/inspection process, along with documentation helps to alleviate problems which can be hidden and/or do not conform with the design requirements developed by the designer of record.
Certain manufacturers require full-time inspections by 3rd party qualified and certified inspectors for warranty purposes.  

Documentation of daily roofing/waterproofing activity as a 3rd party inspector can prevent future litigation which is time consuming and can be very costly. Since the QA inspector acts as a laison between the Architect, Engineer, General Contractor and Sub-contractors during the installation of all work, issues will be resolved before they become a detriment to the project or before non-conformance issues get buried without the knowledge of the owner and General Contractor.

All non-conformance issues are documented by H.I.S. and tracked on an "Open Issues" log until completed as per the construction documents as well as immediately brough to the attention of the Architect and General Contractor and all other responsible decision makers as standard operating procedure during contact administration.

Quality Assurance during the project is critical for owner confidence, manufacturer's warranty requirements and long-term project success, which is why "Huffman Inspection Services" confidently offers this service to assist you in providing "Moisture Free Environments®" during the building phase.

Huffman Inspection Services cover:
*San Francisco and surrounding cities
*San Jose and surrounding cities                                "Serving Northern California Since 1983"
*Sacramento and Northern California to Redding